Glass Flip Top Brewing Bottle for Kombucha

by Mortier Pilon


Make your home-brewed Kombucha and all your delicious, vitamin-rich fermented drinks even fizzier and tastier with this flip top bottle! More than just a receptacle, this flip top bottle is a part of the brewing process as bottled kombucha will go through a second fermentation phase to add your favorite flavors. Our Glass Flip Top Brewing Bottle for Kombucha also allows you to store and carry around your delicious home-brewed Kombucha!

Our Glass Flip Top Brewing Bottle for Kombucha allows your Kombucha to be fizzy, and fruits or other flavours to be added for the second round of fermentation, providing the perfect environment for beverage carbonation. It has a large neck that facilitates cleaning in the dishwasher, and comes with a rewritable label and wax pencil to identify each date and batch. Once the perfect taste attained, use the flip top bottle to store your Kombucha, or take it with you wherever you go!

The interior of all the Mortier Pilon products is 100% glass. The white parts on the outside of the crocks and jars are made of non-reactive, BPA-free plastic, and do not come into contact with the food.


  • 1 415 ml flip top bottle
  • 1 wax pencil

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KOMBUCHA STARTER KIT: The Steps to Make Kombucha at Home

1. Helping your SCOBY acclimate to its new environment (3 days). Before you can brew your first batch of Kombucha, make sure your SCOBY settles into its new environment or it could result in your colony of microorganisms dying. In order to avoid contamination, it is also key to first clean and sterilize your Mortier Pilon fermentation crock.

2. Primary fermentation (2 weeks). Once your SCOBY has settled into its new environment, it can start producing larger quantities of Kombucha. During this first fermentation stage, the SCOBY will feed on sugar and liberate carbon dioxide. The gas will pass through the porous wall of the Mortier Pilon jar, resulting in a still (non-sparkling) drink. With time and as the fermentation process goes on, the drink will become less and less sweet.

3. Secondary fermentation and flavor additions. With this step your Kombucha will become fizzy! You can also incorporate new flavors into your brew. There are lots of ways to get creative with your Kombucha! Feel free to use these flavor pairing ideas: Mango & Apricot, Strawberry & Lemonade, Coconut & Pineapple, Ginger & Turmeric, Apple & Cinnamon, Watermelon & Jalapeño, Raspberry & Blueberry, Cherry & Vanilla…

4. Continuous brewing. Once a SCOBY is well-settled in its environment, it can continue to grow healthy and provide you with delicious Kombucha! All it requires is that you never completely empty your jar; this way, you’ll preserve an optimal growth environment for your SCOBY. All you need to do next is repeat the fermentation cycle outlined above, using new sweetened tea. As your SCOBY grows, don’t hesitate to cut pieces from it and share them with your friends and family, thus initiating them to Kombucha home brewing!

5. Cleaning the jar: Hand wash with liquid soap and a sponge, air dry. Effortlessly remove the silicone sleeve to wash, simply rinse the filter. Do not use hot or boiling water, glass could break. Do not put in the dishwasher.

Kombucha Benefits and Recipes

Kombucha is a fermented black tea drink. It is achieved through the combination of tea and sugar solution and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (also called SCOBY). Slightly alcoholic and effervescent, this drink became popular thanks to its health benefits, especially its high concentration of vitamins, most of all, B vitamins. Microorganisms such as yeast, or fungi convert organic compounds such as starch or sugars into alcohol or acid during fermentation. The ingestion of drinks or food that have gone through fermentation hold benefits to health as they contain probiotics that are believed to help an enormousness amount of health issues, specifically those related to digestive health. Probiotics can also help to fight against and prevent illness.

Included in this kit are recipes for: Strawberry-banana-kombucha smoothie, Sparkling lemonade, Kombucha & maple vinaigrette, Water kefir and anti-flu Kombucha tonic.


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