45 Fermented Foods Recipe Book


Reclaim the pantry culture and start building culinary self-reliance: Our 45 Fermented Foods Recipe Book is fermentation like you've never DIY'd before. Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Kombucha & a variety of fermented vegetables recipes to kick off your home and kitchen revolution.

Fermented foods are cheap and delicious. They help us better absorb essential nutrients, restore balance to our intestinal flora and stimulate our immune system. To boot, they're incredibly easy to make at home! With 45 recipes such as Dill Pickles, Bavarian Sauerkraut, Sparkling Kombucha, Fermented Mustard, Kimchi Baechu and more, our 45 Fermented Foods Recipe Book is perfect for both for first-timers and fermentation veterans. With 'Introduction to Homemade Fermentation’ by Mortier Pilon, fermentation foods will hold no more secrets for you.



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How to Make Fermented Foods at Home?

1. Clean your crock by hand using water (NO HOT OR BOILING WATER) and some vinegar. Leave it to dry overnight on a dry, clean towel. Avoid touching the inside of the jar, including with the towel.

2. Choose your recipe from our booklet or book, place food in crock, pour in brine (leave ¾ inch head space) & cover with ceramic weight.

3. Affix ring, fill in water barrier (THE WATER RING YOU SEE ON THE PACKAGING IS JUST THE WATER YOU FILL IN) and cover with lid.

4. Leave to ferment per recipe recommendation.

5. When it’s ready, enjoy your fermented food or save it in Mason jars for later use.

6. Wash your crock by hand using water and vinegar. DO NOT USE HOT OR BOILING WATER / DISHWASHER.

How to Make Fermented Foods at Home?

Learn Healthy and Tasty Fermented Food Recipes

Our fermentation crock can be used to make all of your favorites at home; sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, vegetables, condiments etc. Here are the first 5 fermented recipes you will learn:

• Homemade Ketchup
• Fermented Garlic
• Carrots & Onions
• Sauerkraut
• Kimchi Baechu

You can also get inspiration from our 45 recipe book: how about making your own mayonnaise, red curtido or kimchi baechu?


Learn Healthy and Tasty Fermented Food Recipes

Discover the Benefits of Fermentation

Traditional pickling is an amazing way to turn all kinds of foods (not just cucumbers!) into sour, toothsome, nutritious snacks and toppings. It relies on fermentation to both preserve and transform practically any kind of produce, and is not to be confused with industrial pickling, which lacks its authentic taste, unique texture and irreplaceable nutritional value. In addition to being cheap and delicious, fermented foods :

• restore the natural balance of your gut flora;
• stabilize gastric acidity;
• facilitate nutrient absorption;
• contribute to intestinal health;
• are preserved with no loss of nutritional value;
• stimulate the immune system

Discover the Benefits of Fermentation

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